–          Would like it to be a grid-type snap shot into key information

o   Key info

  • Stock
  • News releases
  • Leadership
  • Presentations
  • Quarterly results
  • Respective business segment (i.e., offshore) long-form stories
  • Email subscription
  • Market Updates (a feed of this tag somewhere?)
  • Fleet (link to fleet page)
  • FAQ

o   E.g.

–          It should have the tagging module at the bottom

–          Needs to be easy to navigate for a person aged 60+

–          Ideally could contain feeds

o   Latest News

o   Latest Presentations

o   Latest Financials

o   E.g.,

–          Needs to have Business Conduct Reporting information clear and upfront

Business Conduct Reporting

Anyone with a concern about questionable accounting, financial auditing, internal control or financial fraud related matters may file a report through the Business Conduct Reporting tool or toll-free hotline (in Canada and U.S.) at +1 877 507 8685.

–          Needs to have contact information clear

o   Ryan Hamilton
Tel: +1 604 844 6654


–          Perhaps we need a separate design for the investor static page that has calls to action to

o   The stock ticker info

o   To the other IR entities

o   To their respective business segment long-form stories

Other thoughts

–          For quarterly results section, we would like something similar to BP where we can save Earnings release, presentation PDF, webcast link and transcript-